12 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Get More Done

Look. It’s no secret, my mind does not run in a linear fashion.  Instead my thoughts travel in and out of continuous loops. Sometimes my fierce focus is accompanied by productivity. However, confusing frustrating times of exhaustion and sadness are never too far away.   This article spoke to me because it does not judge. IContinue reading “12 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Get More Done”

Always Late?! My family runs so late they usually show up when the event is ending ends!! Lol

ADHD Strategies can Improve Your Sense of Time So in honor of ADHD Awareness Month, I share this article to inspire you all to be on time more. It boosts your mood and self esteem exceptionally. I know first hand! Let’s do a social experiment. Keep tallies of each time you’re late in October thenContinue reading “Always Late?! My family runs so late they usually show up when the event is ending ends!! Lol”

A Friend’s Take On:     What Really Matters

I LOVE this more than you could ever know!!! Thank you Nanea Hoffman! You rock as per the usual.  This just speaks to my motto. Figure out what fuels your soul, and then get more of whatever that is into your life. I do it gradually, in 20 minute chunks. #202020 and that my friendContinue reading “A Friend’s Take On:     What Really Matters”

Magic Matters 

Did you know that October is ADHD Awareness Month? I never knew either. I actually can not believe I have spent most of my life knowing as little as I do about the struggles I face. Honestly, I have always just thought I was lazy, crazy, and…well… just not good enough. Thankfully that simply isContinue reading “Magic Matters “

ADHD Awareness Month

Those who follow me know my son and I both have ADHD. I have spent the last six and a half years engrossed in discovering and treating not only my son’s diagnosis but my own as well. It has been my life’s biggest challenge. It is inspiring, defeating, exhausting, sad, and enlightening all at once. Continue reading “ADHD Awareness Month”