The Magic Apple

An Open Letter to Steve Jobs,

Just a suburban mom from the east coast here with a dire need to thank you! See, a little over nine years ago my son Stephen was born with albinism. At the time my husband and I knew nothing at all about the genetic condition we passed on to our son. We had only the information the doctors gave us.
And what they gave us was a lot of “nevers” and “unlikelys”.
He will never drive a car because he is actually considered to be blind, legally speaking. He may not ride a bike or play sports of any kind. It is unlikely he will read well as access to enlarged print is very expensive and difficult to order.

We could not know, that a man with a brilliant mind, was rapidly changing the way the world would communicate, watch tv, listen to music, and yes, read!
When the iPod was released in June of 07 we had no clue that it would lead to a phone and a pad that would give our unborn son the ability to live and learn independently in-spite of his legal blindness.
Now I watch Stephen and his younger brother Joseph born with the same genetic condition as his brother, (albinism) as they seamlessly adventure out into the world with their peers. They use their iPad to read!!! They can actually enjoy books thanks to your incredible mind, your team, and God of course. They take their iPads around their classrooms and take photos of charts and lessons on the board tgen tbey work off of the picture. They use the camera as a vision tool on field trips as well. They have access to so much more of the world all because of that magic Apple product.
Thank you could never be enough but it is what I have got. Thank you from my soul for all that you did to help my sons and so many others around the world!

Published by tarsha benevento

I am an educator who thrives on helping others. I spent close to 15 years teaching and then as an administrator in the New York City Public School System. During that time I completed my first Masters Degree in Teaching Reading and and additional degree in administration. I currently tutor students in all subjects and grades. In addition, after completing the Parent Advocacy Class with The Federation of Children with Special Needs several years ago, I am a parent advocate. I plan to dedicate my time to helping other families of children with special needs.

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