Educational Services Offered

Does your child need help? A.C.T. 
I am proud to offer Advocacy, Consulting, and Tutoring services to families!
Please email or call/text 516-317-3976 to inquire about pricing and availability.



  • Are you having your child evaluated to determine if they qualify for services?
  • Do you want help understanding your rights and the rights of your child?
  • Does your child already have an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) or a 504 accommodation? Do you want a reevaluation or to make changes to the current plan?
  • Educational Advocates help families understand and acquire services that children need and deserve. I attend team meetings to support parents through discussions with district personnel.


  • Are you going through the evaluation and I.E.P. process? Do you disagree with the services proposed or denied by the district? Have questions? I am here to help. Educational consultants observe students and provide an independent, qualified, observation and recommendation with IEP suggestions/concerns. Educational Consultants are also hired by families going to mediation or using an advocate.
  • Applying for private school or college? I can help with the application and interview process!


  • Is your child struggling to reach their potential? Having a hard time grasping concepts at school?
  • I tutor students in all subjects from Kindergarten through grade 8.
  • Is your child in high school? I have a masters degree in teaching reading and writing. I often tutor students of all ages in reading, writing, and social studies
  • Does your child have a difficult time taking standardized tests or writing essays? I have years of training and experience in teaching students of all ages test taking skills. Let me help your child decode the MCAS, SAT or other standardized tests they encounter.


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