Sensory Processing Disorder/ADHD

As you may know I am an educator and the mom of children with special needs. Those special needs include ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Through the years I have collected helpful information from various sources. I often found myself recreating the wheel after misplacing a website or article.  (The ADHD apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂 ) I intend for this space to be an organized place parents can come to seek out information and support. You will notice a majority of the links generate at ADDitude. That is because I have found it to be the single most comprehensive and informative site about ADD/ADHD. Hopefully you will find it as helpful as I have.
*Disclaimer-these links have been useful to my family that does not mean they will be useful to every family.*

Helpful information about ADHD:

ADDitude: ADHD Symptoms, Medication, Treatment, Diagnosis …

Parenting and ADD/ADHD  It is so easy for us to get down on ourselves as parents. Especially in a world where we have family members and friends judging our parenting at every turn. How many times have you heard, “He just needs more discipline” or “I just don’t allow my kids to act like that” or my personal favorite, “Give him a week with me, he won’t act like that any more.” ? Learning more about parenting children with ADHD gave me the comfort and confidence I needed to help my children and educate the people in our lives. 

EBooks from ADDitude I have downloaded every single e-book offered from ADDitude. I have printed them out, read and highlighted them. I have shared them with family members and teachers and mothers of my sons’ friends. In my 20+ years of education and 9 years of motherhood I have found no other resource as comprehensive, spot on, or relevant. 

Library of extremely helpful webinars from ADDitude This is an extensive library covering almost any topic related to ADD/ADHD out there. I turn to them often and recommend them to anyone who cares about a person with ADD/ADHD. 



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